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This page lists outline ideas that have been suggested, but not turned into detailed proposals yet.

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Idea When suggested
Design playgrounds for rain! 8 months ago
Promote ‘hedgehog highways’ 8 months ago
Use ideas from Leeds citizens assembly 12 months ago
Air quality policies 12 months ago
Sustainable food policies about 1 year ago
Improve pedestrian routes from the North side of Eastleigh into town about 1 year ago
Right to food about 1 year ago
Improve Hedge End station disabled access over 1 year ago
Library policies over 1 year ago
Eastleigh Parklets over 1 year ago
Ten bold ideas for climate action over 1 year ago
Bicycle Mayor over 1 year ago
Bee stops almost 2 years ago
More free bus passes almost 2 years ago
Pedestrianise Market Street in Eastleigh Town Center almost 2 years ago
Dramatically increase electric vehicle charging points almost 2 years ago
Give people a direct say over how money is spent almost 2 years ago
Use citizen assemblies almost 2 years ago
Look for ideas in other local manifestos almost 2 years ago
Include parts of the original open manifesto almost 2 years ago
Make sure all EU citizens in Eastleigh get settled status almost 2 years ago
Create fairness commission almost 2 years ago
Tree planting almost 2 years ago
Update code of conduct almost 2 years ago